The Filthy Tongues - Back to Hell (CD)


The second album from THE FILTHY TONGUES.

1 - Come on Home
2 - The Ghost of Rab McVie
3 - Back to Hell
4 - Mother's got a knife
5 - Leper Town
6 - Carlos the Jackal
7 - Who are you
8 - Take it

'This is part of a planned trilogy and is a riveting, driving follow-up. If there's a more exciting band currently playing north of the border, I've yet to hear them.

'Back to Hell is, like Jacob's Ladder, an incredible album. It's one of the best released in Scotland so far this year, with a heady mixture of Nick Cave, blues and the indie survivors' knack for a catchy hook and wry humour.'
Scottish Daily Record

'The whole thing has clearly been a labour of love, meticulously arranged and as a result, it is, easily one of the most thrilling releases of 2018 to date. Truly stirring, this really is terrific stuff.'